Bengi Basaran
Author: Ninette Murk
Tuesday 1st of June 2010 04:16:48 PM

Bengi Basaran is a 27-year-old Art Historian from Istanbul, Turkey. She loves photography and design - especially when made with recycled materials. After contacting DAA Bengi customized a couple of tees for us and this week we got the result in our mailbox. By using recycled materials for all her designs she added an extra dimension to her work.


"In the design on the left picture, I used special Turkish needlework from the Aegean coast, called sugar needlework. The coating of the needlework is obtained by sugar water and an intense drying process. This design is a real local voice of my culture, ethnicity & my region." says Bengi.



This design shows a huge image of HIV virus while attacking a human cell. By this design Bengi tried to spread the message proactively. She added eye catching colours onto a well-known scientific reality.




For her third design Bengi got inspired by the Ancient Egypt Culture, which created the first condom as well as absolute effects on the roots of our modern civilization.





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