Indonesia Against AIDS Is In the News!
Author: Ninette Murk
Tuesday 23rd of June 2015 04:30:22 PM

Who doesn't fancy a bit of good news? Surely everyone loves it as much as we do! After confirming Cinta Laura as our first Ambassador for Indonesia Against AIDS, our fight against HIV/AIDS still continues of course, but having a beautiful video and a strong statement from Cinta Laura is such a great start! 

We need to awaken Indonesia’s younger generation’s awareness about HIV/AIDS and to do that in the best possible way, we also need the help of popular celebrities and the media. 

And it’s starting to work! The news of Cinta Laura as our first ambassador begins to get shared, not only on both Cinta’s and our own social media, but also in the national media of Indonesia- from a celebrity tabloid website ( to a well known entertainment news show on TV ( -and there's lots more to come soon!

Yep, we're more than happy and grateful to achieve this- we want to express a big thank you to Cinta Laura and to the Indonesian media for their support!

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