The Importance Of The Media In The Fight Against HIV And AIDS
Author: Aline Elsermans
Saturday 1st of August 2015 10:48:25 AM

As part of the celebrations to mark World Press Freedom Day on May 3rd, the 2014/2015 MISA media awards were given. More than 440 entries were submitted. One of the winners, freelance reporter Owen Nyaka, wrote a piece for the Thomas Reuters Foundation called, ‘Adolescents: the invisible generation HIV response’.


The media awards are given because Media is such a powerfull storytelling tool and has the ability to reach, educate and can positively motivate audiences to seek ways to empower themselves to get involved in the fight against for example HIV/AIDS.


While science has delivered the medicines and tools needed to contain HIV, public education efforts have helped spread information about HIV awareness, prevention and education further and faster than any other tool. By opening communication and fostering dialogue about HIV/AIDS, the news media is helping to break the silence that fuels the spread of HIV and challenges discrimination and stigma – some of the biggest obstacles to fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic globally today.


Also Designers Against Aids knows this and that’s why we keep raising our voice. Because now more than ever, efforts must be sustained to safeguard the gains we’ve made and maintain the steady progress toward an AIDS-free generation.

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