One of the first covers we got for 'Fashion against AIDS' was the cover of Elle Belgique. 
On April 26 the fifth edition of Fashion against AIDS launched in over 300 H&M stores worldwide and online and the interest is immense, with most of the times for girls online having already sold out. 
I hope you guys didn't forget about the fantastic Fashion Against Aids collection that is coming up? Check out the video to have a peek at the clothes and to have your screen glowing with love and passion. 
2012 is the 5th year that the Fashion against AIDS collection has been launched, an idea that Designers against AIDS presented to H&M back in 2006 and that benefits 4 international organizations fighting HIV/AIDS among youth, supporting hundreds of new projects in the process: 

There's just no way you could have missed it: 

The H&M store at the Meir 28 is ready to go! 

In this video, filmed backstage at the photo shoot for the fourth Fashion Against Aids campaign, actress Selma Blair says some things we couldn't agree more with. 

This couple really knows how to pull it off- they are wearing a selection of items from the fourth Fashion Against Aids collection, which will launch worldwide on the 26th of April- and are having tons of fun while doing so! 

Dutch fashion designer and friend of DAA Bas Kosters shows how (and where! 
Today, the 20th of May 2010, was a big day for DAA because the FAA 3 collection was officially launched. 
Our 'Fashion against AIDS' tees are a success worldwide, witness this beautiful photo of Grazia Bulgaria's editors, featuring from left to right: 
Pop star Katy Perry gave a concert at the Harakuju H&M store in Tokyo on May 28th to kick off our 'Fashion against AIDS' campaign in Japan. 
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Fashion Against AIDS

Since 2008, Designers Against AIDS has successfully collaborated with fashion giant H&M, launching the global Fashion Against Aids campaigns.The first campaign immediately turned out to be a success, the idea of combining fashion with the message
of safe sex was being embraced by the media and the artists, who took the time to design one of the T-shirts for the collection. Not only the message was spread, but there's also the fact that 25 % of the sales price of all FAA garment was directly donated to
HIV/AIDS awareness projects.

In early 2008 the first campaign was supported by Rihanna, Chicks on Speed, Good
Charlotte, Henrik Vibskov, Jade Jagger, Justice, Katharine Hamnett, My Chemical Romance, Rufus Wainwright, Scissor Sisters, The Cardigans, Tiga, Timbaland, Justice and Ziggy Marley.

All of these motivated well-known artists designed an exclusive shirt which was appreciated by absolutely everybody, from fans to fashionistas.

In spring 2009 the second Fashion Against Aids campaign hit the H&M stores in 30 countries, which meant that the collection was released in nearly 1000 stores.

Once again, successful celebrities and artists showed their support by designing exclusive pieces for the Fashion Against Aids clothing line. We were proud to have the support of these artists for our second campaign: Katy Perry, Yelle, Dita Von Teese, Estelle, Katharine Hamnett, Roisin Murphy, N.E.R.D., Tokio Hotel, Yoko Ono, Moby, Cyndi Lauper, Dangerous Muse and Robyn.


In 2010 we presented the FAA Festival Collection and in 2011 the Unisex Collection, presented by Selma Blair, Penn Badgley, Keri Hilson, Sky Ferreira, Akon, Nikki Reed, Ginnifer Goodwyn, Scissor Sisters, Shiloh Fernandez and The Misshapes.
Thanks to the artists for designing and/or promoting these garments and thanks to you for buying them, we were able to spread our call for safe sex all over the world and to open our education center IHAEC!

The fact that we got people to talk and think about our message was also proven by the half a million (!) hits that the FAA videocampaign received on Youtube  and the astonishing 1650 links concerning FAA and DAA that could be found all over the internet.

We're unbelievably proud and thankful for everyones help, from celebrities to the press to all of you guys. Let's keep up this amazing work, because together we can make a change!

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