Crowded House
Author: Indra Moonen
Monday 18th of February 2013 04:10:22 PM


This morning we had a nice and crowded visit from the art students from Kunstzone @ the Sint-Maria Institute of Antwerp. These students have all been making wonderful artworks for our project Air/port 2013 in Essaouira. Some of the artworks will actually get printed on the flags for this project. Our guests were very interested in what we do at DAA, that’s why they received a tour of the house and a lot of information about what DAA does and what it stands for. Everyone got the opportunity to ask questions to get to know DAA a bit better. Afterwards they all got a DAA-condom, with which they seemed to be pretty happy! Hopefully they enjoyed spending the morning  with us and hopefully we’ll get to work with them on other projects soon! 

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