Seeing Condoms Makes Young People Want To Have Sex
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 14th of January 2016 09:14:24 AM least, that's what lawmakers in the Indonesian Province of Bengkulu seem to think, if we are to believe this article in the Jakarta Globe: 
Are they serious? This is ridiculous- do they really think that young people will not have sex just because they can't buy a condom? No. They will have unsafe sex instead, resulting in even more new HIV infections.
Seeing condoms for sale doesn't make people want to have sex- their hormones take care of that pretty well. Accept these facts and realise that we're not in the Middle Ages anymore. Oh and by the way: it's not 'free' sex (whatever that may mean) that's the problem- it's way more often paid sex that leads to HIV infections: in Indonesia and many other countries in Asia, it's married men who have sex with seropositive prostitutes that get infected with HIV and then bring back the virus to their wives and unborn babies (90% of all seropositive women in Asia get infected with HIV this way). Trying to prevent premarital sex won't prevent that from happening once these young men do get married- education does.
And that's exactly what we are doing with 'Asia Against AIDS-Back To Zero'- first in Indonesia, later in more countries in the region. We still have a long road ahead of us fighting these kind of outdated views and leaders who try to force their moral ideologies on young people, but we strongly feel that getting the correct information about HIV/AIDS out to youngsters is the way forward- after they learn what there is to learn, they can make up their own minds about how they want to lead their sexual lives. After all, it's their own private business, not that of political or religious leaders. 
Photo: Jakarta Globe 

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