Greater Than AIDS, an HIV/AIDS organization based in US, is a leading public information response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 
Last week we started our first workshops for our project 'Asia against AIDS- Back To Zero: 
Do you know that there is an enactment concerning HIV/AIDS prevention in Indonesia? By the existence of this enactment and its penalties, the government expected to control the transmission of HIV/AIDS. 
To celebrate The National Education Day on the 2nd of May, the student activity unit of Makassar State University held an interesting event called “Students Concerned about HIV/AIDS and Drugs”, or MAPHAN in short. 

Our students have arrived!

Although HIV and AIDS gets more and more attention, there is still ignorance about who gets it and how people get it. 
A few days ago we arrived in Bali after quite a long and tiring trip to prepare for our first workshops for 'Asia against AIDS-Back To Zero'. 
Whether it’s the Joker to your Batman or the Green Goblin to your Spiderman, every hero has its villain. 
An Indian saree adorned with condoms plays the lead role in the documentary ‘SURAKSHA’ (meaning protection- see the trailer here: 
After the success of our initiative 'Bali against AIDS' we're launching Asia Against AIDS-Back To Zero' in 2015, with the aim to reach out to young people all over Indonesia, in 2016 followed by China and India, using social media and a mix of international and local celebrities and pop culture. 
The plight of an eight-year-old Chinese boy with HIV, reportedly ordered to leave his village by 200 petitioners, sparked intense online soul-searching Thursday in a country where discrimination against sufferers remains rife. 
The time has come.
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The International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) is DAA's training center in Antwerp, Belgium. IHEAC hosts international students, teaching them how to set up successful HIV prevention and awareness programs, using the same pop culture based methods as used by DAA. The students take this knowledge home, to build up equally successful campaigns in their countries of origin.



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