Forever Friend Of DAA: Marc Jacobs
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Wednesday 3rd of May 2017 03:22:53 PM

In 2011 Marc Jacobs created 3 different Playboy T-shirts to benefit DAA. They were sold in the Marc Jacobs stores all over the world and in the online stores and all proceeds were donated to us. During Fashion week 2011 in New York, London, Paris and Milan, Marc Jacobs made shopwindows for the Marc Jacobs X Playboy X DAA collection featuring a big red heart that said he was proud to support DAA.


“Just wanted to let you know about our latest windows at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store (403 Bleecker Street, NY). In collaboration with Playboy, we are featuring a Playboy themed photo window which goes along with the collector's book set, Hugh Hefner's Playboy, 6 Volumes, for sale at Bookmarc (400 Bleecker Street, NY). Starting Friday, February 11th through the 18th, customers will be able to get their photo taken with Playboy bunnies in the window of our store, and will receive free prints. In addition, we are also supporting Designers Against AIDS, through the sales of new Marc Jacobs + Playboy T-shirts. The 3 T-shirt designs retail for $35 each, with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the charity.”


On Valentine’s day 2015, Marc Jacobs presented a new range of T-shirts he had made for Designers Against AIDS, this time with pictures of Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Gigi Hadid. The pictures were made during various fashion shoots for LOVE Magazine and on Valentine’s Day, people could go to Bookmarc NY (Marc Jacobs’ store) and let Kendall, Gigi and Emily sign their LOVE magazine issues and T-shirts. The tees were extremely limited edition: only 100 were made, so fans had to be quick to get their hands on one. The media coverage was huge, as newspapers grew interested as Marc , LOVE Magazine, DAA and the models tweeted about the event and tagged DAA.

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