Body And Soul Against AIDS
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Sunday 27th of January 2013 02:40:17 PM

Courage, Trust, Hope. You can read these three words on the homepage of the Body & Soul organization’s website. Last year it was awarded in UK as one of the best websites of the year and I am very happy that such a prize was assigned to an organization dealing with HIV/AIDS matters. Body & Soul has no target, its aim is to communicate with children and young people as well as families living with or affected by the disease. Obviously, the appealing graphic and layout is just a minor matter. The most important thing is that B&S was able to counteract AIDS through strategies to reduce isolation and stress, since in their opinion, and ours too, “everyone has the right to live happily and healthily”. The Body & Soul website is one of the tools used by the organization. Here you can find podcasts, games, videos and documents. There is the teenage section (13 to 19 years old), the 20+ section but also, and this is great, the 0 to 12 years old section. All this just to give you an idea of - Matteo

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