How Will This Lovely Date End?
Author: M. G.
Thursday 13th of June 2013 11:03:19 AM

Hi everybody! Check out this extremely interesting video challenge promoted by Global Dialogues. They produced a 1-minute-long video about being young and HIV+ where a guy, during a date with his lovely girlfriend, confesses to her that he is HIV+. And then what happens? YOU have to say that: Global Dialogues wants people’s visions of how this story can continue. Will she be scared? Will she accept this or not? How did he contract the disease? Do you want to show how this story SHOULD end, or how do you think will it end? There have been some contributions from people all around the world already and each of them shows a different attitude towards the theme.



Global Dialogue is an international organization established in 1997. It promotes global public health and societal well-being through integrated, youth-driven solutions fueled by creativity and multidisciplinary partnerships. This project is the perfect way to give a chance to people to express their opinions on HIV/AIDS, whether it is a denunciation, a proposal or simply hope for the future. The important thing is to talk about the matter, not how you do that. At DAA we agree for 100% to that attitude.



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