Meet The Gorgeous Androgynous Model Andrej Pejic
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Friday 5th of April 2013 02:23:28 PM


Maybe I will shock you by saying that this beautiful girl on a photo is not actually a girl. It is  Andrej Pejić, a 21-year-old Serbian-Australian androgynous male model sensation revolutionizing the fashion industry. There are many versions about how he was discovered. He went from being a normal guy of a working class family in Melbourne to a famous and controversial super model known by his androgynous features. Andrej works both men’s and women’s runways and photo shoots. He is also notable for his participation in the Paris fashion shows of January 2011 when he walked both men’s and women’s shows for Jean-Paul Gaultier. As of January 2011, he ranks number 16 on the Top 50 male models list and he was also voted 98th on FHM’s sexiest woman list. 

Andrej is an originator of a revolutionary trend: the dissolution of the boundaries between sexes and I hope his story will encourage others to feel they could be whoever/whatever they want to be, as he explains nicely in interview for ZEIT magazine. 

ZEIT magazine: Do you feel more like a man or a woman?
Andrej: Sometimes I feel more masculine but sometimes more feminine. Many think of me as more feminine but I am both. And at the moment I feel very comfortable about that.
ZEIT magazine: Can you switch between man and woman in your head?
Andrej: I know what others expect of me. As a woman I am sensual and sexy. As a man I am – plain. 
ZEIT magazine: Do you like men or women?
Andrej: Let me put it this way: Love has no boundaries.

Read the full interview here:

Take a look at the one of Andrej’s photo- shoots here:


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