MESMAC And The Silence-Game
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 29th of May 2013 02:22:38 PM

The situation clean-up-the-house-before-HE-comes is something almost everyone experienced at least once in his/her life. It is even more true that we present ourselves to a new partner trying to clean also our past, keeping some aspects - like the sexual ones - in silence. I have to say that the first time that I saw the new HIV awareness video from MESMAC - one of the main health and sexual organization in UK - I was pretty shocked. I thought "what if every gay guy had all the names of all their sexual partners written on their body? "



WOW! That would be a mess. When you let someone else in, letting them know a bit about yourself, you also have the power whether to reveal what's your past about or not. In my opinion it is a right of everyone to keep secret what our previous experiences are, on the other hand the more secrets, the more your own responsibility of taking care of yourself and your unaware partner. That also means to be sure of your health status.



Since the silence-game is always double sided, you also are an unaware partner, this is why I believe that this 30-seconds-spot is extremely smart. It goes straight to the point of what HIV prevention is about. Having sex is always a double-sided game (the same for group sex!), protection means not getting infected and not infecting somebody else. And the only way of having sex without any worries is the double action of condoms and HIV tests.
To all of you, enjoy your date!!!!! ;)




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