One New Story Every Day Of July To Teach About AIDS History
Author: M. G.
Friday 19th of July 2013 12:56:08 PM

AIDS Vancouver is an organization founded in 1983 in response to the emergence of the AIDS epidemic. It was the first service organization related to this issue in Canadaand they were extremelly fast in reacting to what was going on during that period. The approach of this organization is as friendly and accessible for everyone as possible with the services they provide - outreach, education and prevention projects as well as helplines and supporting programs.
This year is the 30th birthday of AIDS Vancouver and they decided to celebrate by developing the "30 30 Campaign". 30 stories connected with the history of AIDS and of the organization will be uploaded every day during the month of July on the campaign's website. The videos are about remarkable loss and remarkable progress of the organization and each story is told by and for those who where there at that moment.



This is what makes this project so inspiring. Thanks to this one-month-long documentary everybody can see the huge results of AIDS Vancouver's work, that was done in close contact with the city and especially with the people, using a friendly and human approach.




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