Pop Culture Is The Way Forward Says Condom Summit
Author: M. G.
Thursday 1st of August 2013 02:03:30 PM

On June 26 the 2013 Condom Summit was held in Boston at the Institute of Fanway Health - one of the main organizers together with Victory Programs. The summit, with the title 'Condoms As Community Care', discussed several issues concerning the education on safe sex for the future generations so that safe sex can become a community concern instead of being a matter ‘just' for gay/black people or drug users. Let's be honest, to promote the use of condoms as effectively as it was in the past, it won't be an easy job.

"Having a condom bowl was provocative to put up at one point in public and some of those things became streamlined and as they became streamlined things became a little too quiet," said Barry Callis, prevention director for the Office of HIV/AIDS, Bureau of Infectious Diseases. While a generation ago people had the feeling that the spread of HIV was dangerous threat, this summit has faced the actual lack of interest, firstly, and of education among the new generations, that had always lived with the awareness that something called AIDS existed. This is also the reason for the speech by Davin Wedel, founder and president of Global Protection Corp and One Condoms: the condom-brand is developing marketing strategies of costumer engagement, so that condoms can be part of popular culture again. If the issue continues to sound like the-same-old-story, no interest among youngster can be built.



To read this kind of statements on the DAA website sounds quite obvious... we say exaclty the same thing for quite a long time already. It's nice to see that others are joining us in this view!

The lack of interest about using condoms, the condom fatigue, was not the only theme that it was to be discussed. The economic factors as well as those of manpower were other aspects of the problem that need to be solved - here you can read more about.

We at DAA think that a collection of condom boxes designed by pop stars would sell like hotcakes and will make condoms popular among the young age group.






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