The Best Early Christmas Present is A Test
Author: Maria Tasula
Friday 21st of November 2014 02:15:08 PM

Today marks the first day of European HIV testing week and the World Aids Day is just around the corner. Get your Christmas present early this year and get tested. There are nearly 22,000 people in the UK alone who are unaware they are living with HIV - that is 25% of the HIV diagnoses in UK. Adaptly, the testing week's theme this year is TALK HIV. TEST HIV. Dr Valerie Delepech, head of PHE's national HIV survellaince in UK stated: "People who remain unaware of their infection are also at risk of transmitting HIV to others. Knowing HIV status is the key to both effective treatment, and to preventing onward transmission'. To find out different events and where free rapid tests are taking place, visit Starts With Me website for UK and the HIV Testing Week website for the rest of Europe. And take a friend or two with you!

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