Bali Peduli is an organization based in Kuta, Bali that wants to eliminate the barriers to care and that provides free and early HIV testing and treatments to save lives and prevent the spread of HIV in Bali.
This new association represents Flemish people living with HIV/AIDS and advocates for an optimal quality of life for them and their families.


One of our sponsors is Carobati, who sell tiles in all shapes, colours and forms and who invited us to compose a special DAA ‘Mosaique’ consisting of Mediterranean inspired shades of blue and green, shot with flecks of copper and silver. 
'Jeugd en Seksualiteit' is a Belgian online platfrom that provides information on sexuality for children, young people and their caregivers.

Check out their website to get more information on this topic:

Nelson Mandela launched 46664 as an African response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic in order to raise awareness overall and educate the younger generations. 
AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts

Community-based health organization whose mission is to stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

AIDS Education Global Information System
AIDS-Hilfe Tirol
Zu unterstützen, informieren und die sozialen und politischen Folgen von HIV/AIDS aufzuzeigen.
AIDS gateway to the Internet.
AIDShilfe Kärnten
Beratung, Testung, Information und Unterstützung. 
AIDShilfe Oberösterreich
E-Mail Beratung, Broschüre und HIV-Testung. 
AIDShilfe Wien
Beratung, Betreuung, Information und Prävention zur HIV/AIDS-Thematik. 
AIDShilfe Oberösterreich
E-Mail Beratung, Broschüre und HIV-Testung.
Informative website by Flemish sexual health organisation Sensoa
aimed at young people.
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