An Exhibition about Loss, Remembrance, Activism and Art in Response to HIV/AIDS
August 31–November 10, 2019
The extensive group show United by AIDS—An Exhibition about Loss, Remembrance, Activism and Art in Response to HIV/AIDS sheds light on the multifaceted and complex interrelation between art and HIV/AIDS from the 1980s to the present. 
We have two prototypes of a very special black Eastpak Artist Studio bag with outsize red handles in the shape of an AIDS ribbon -including their matching dustbags- designed by Demna Gvasalia/Vetements. 
Have you guys heard about the the first cultural festival in Odisha, India? Let me tell you about it... 
A lot of multinational businesses (including Twitter, Google, FApple, acebook, Levi's and Amazon) don't want Trump to touch Transgender Rights. 
This Pride season H&M came out with its new collection called Love For All. 
Creative platform for social change Beauty Without Irony wants to bring a change in mentality and a return to pure beauty that touches people. 
Last week we had a meeting with the students from 180 Degrees Consulting where they showed us the report they had been working on since two months. 
Today we added a lot of different shorts by famous LA based denim brand Current/Elliott to our online charity store. 
The last couple of years more and more attention is focused on equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. 
We have been busy re-arranging our stock, adding many new piecces to our online store (with lots more to come! 
What do you know about the clitoris? Do you know what is it and what it can do? The Oxford English Dictionary states that the word clitoris likely has its origin in the Ancient Greek κλειτορίς, kleitoris, perhaps derived from the verb κλείειν, kleiein, "to shut". 
The deputy governor of Bangkok has claimed that rising HIV rates are a result of more “gay TV”.
While speaking to Thai media after governing a conference on HIV, Thaweesak Lertprapan claimed that LGBT+ TV shows had made it more “fashionable” to be gay. 
Yesterday DAA's Ayke Gubbels gave a presentation/workshop preview at the Levi's Europe HQ in Brussels, about the way Designers against AIDS works and how we fight stigma and tell young people that safe sex is still a smart idea. 
Today we got a visit from 12 year old neighbour Luca Van Meervelde, who is in her first year of the 'Atheneum' high school in Schilde and who has to make a brochure about a SOA- and she opted for HIV/AIDS and Designers against AIDS! 
Are you a big fan of Mr. 
For FW16 Essentiel-Antwerp collaborates with Designers Against AIDS. 
Remember that time I wrote a blog about the photo shoot with Diali and Matti from Dominique Models? Well, we also made a fashion campaign video to introduce our new ambassadors and to ask them why Designers Against Aids is so important to them. 
Great news: we have been slashing our prices in our online charity Tictail store, where 100% (! 
There are two kinds of people in this world: 
Being told that you are HIV positive must be hard to believe at first and it was the same for Khiza Afreen from Pakistan: 
If you didn't have time yet to shop your favourite pieces designed by Cesar Casier and Yumi Lambert for Designers against AIDS at JBC: 
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