Looking For YOUR Stories!
Author: Ninette Murk
Sunday 15th of July 2018 07:53:28 PM
Dear friends and supporters of Designers against AIDS- we'd love for you to send us news from your country regarding LGBT rights, Pride events, gay marriage, cool campaigns, HIV testing places and other subjects that might be of interest to our target audience: young people from 14-25, with an interest in pop culture, social media, fun and living life to the fullest. We will publish the stories on Facebook, on Instagram, Twitter and of course here on our website.
You can write the story yourself, or send us a link to interesting news (don't forget to credit the media in that case) and you decide if we can mention your name underneath the article or not. Oh and please add a great image! This way we'll always have the latest news from all over the world, we stay in touch with many people and we can inform young men and women about the latest- and hopefully the greatest news.

Please send texts and images to: info@designersagainstaids.com

Photo: Miley Cyrus for Viva Glam
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