The Difference Between HIV Today And Thirty Years Ago
Author: Aline Elsermans
Sunday 31st of May 2015 10:43:43 PM

In a new video, ‘The Face of HIV/AIDS: Then and Now’, the writer and photographer Tim Curry makes us appreciate being born at a time when having HIV is not a death sentence.

The video was produced by HIV Equal, which is a multimedia campaign which fights HIV stigma and promotes HIV testing.

In the video, Curry draws a link between his own life and the AIDS crisis, as he was born in 1983, one month before the HIV virus was identified.

Curry’s shocking makeup depicts someone in the later stages of AIDS, with multiple Karposi’s sarcomas visible on his face. Someone with AIDS today is much less likely to face such a problem.


You can watch the video via this link:

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