Cécile De Jaegher was trained at the Antwerp Fashion Academy and is now specilized in delicious leather pochettes and cluthes embossed with cool slogans. 
AIDS has been always associated with negative stigma in this society. 
VIENNA (AP) — United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has joined Austrian cross-dressing pop star Conchita Wurst in calling for an end to bias based on a person's sexual orientation. 
The giant pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline said yesterday that its work on a vaccine for Ebola will “come too late” to do anything about the current situation. 
A Kaiser Family Foundation survey of what gay American men know and how we behave when it comes to HIV shows a stunning level of ignorance and denial 33 years since the virus began to kill extraordinary numbers of us.
More distressing than the profound lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS among the 431 adult men who participated in the survey is the fact that it reveals a startling failure - even an absence - of HIV education among gay and bisexual men, despite the fact that we account for the nation's highest number of those living with or at risk for HIV.
The survey found that only a third of the men knew that HIV infections are increasing among gay men. 
"Being a people pleaser is a fruitless task; love is love. 
Recently we opened our charity online store, where all sale proceeds benefit the work of Designers against AIDS, our education center in Antwerp and our projects worldwide and it's starting to look really good, wat with high end designer pieces, contemporary labels, upcycled hand embroidered vintage Hmong hill tribe fabrics and comfortoble and cool cotton pieces straight from India. 
If you can say about someone that part of his/her life living as a HIV positive person formed him/her in positive way, it's definitely the case for artist Mandy Webb. 
We just read this Op-Ed by Pauline Oosterhoof in The Guardian and it's something to think about over the weekend- have a happy one, everybody! 
As many as 3.699 cases of HIV/AIDS were identified in Bali during the period of January-June 2014, with the majority of cases found in the island’s capital city of Denpasar. 
The Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC) launched AIDS Digital -a mobile phone application that allows users to access information about HIV/AIDS information and medical services confidentially- six months ago and yesterday The Jakarta Post wrote a wonderful story about it and about Aditya (nickname Edo), the director of IAC and HIV positive himself. 
If you put 44 billion condoms in line, they would measure more than 2 millions kilometres in length: 
This is the second time that we report you the name of Durham University researcher Prof. 
Carmen Carrera is a genius and today I'd like to explain the reason why. 
If the path of your life will ever lead you to the lovely town of Sandy Springs (Georgia, US), please keep in mind to bring a dildo with you. 
To coincide with the International Day Against Homophobia we want to show you the new video 'We Exist' by Arcade Fire. 
We have arrived in Bali armed with new educational materials- created by the students at our International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center in Belgium to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS -using pop culture, as is usual for Designers/Bali against AIDS and what's one of the first things I read? An article on Bali Discovery where Bali governor Made Mangku Pastika appeals to all Balinese people to help in the fight, starting with the sex workers- over 20% of whom are infected with HIV and that's a conservative figure, as not every woman gets tested. 
He was here in spirit and in sounds- the entire street reverbed with our 'Happy' sound system, newspapers, brands and neighbours called and fun was had by all. 
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