Condoms Are Not Boring
Author: Evelien Peeters
Saturday 26th of November 2016 09:13:26 PM

When you think about condom advertisements, you think of the standard ones with a couple ready to crawl under the sheets to get ‘cosy’. But it doesn’t always have to be boring and ordinary, so I started looking for some really nice and striking condom campaigns. And yes, I found a lot of creative advertisements that are also quite memorable. To see them, I added a link below, so you can see them all for yourself and get inspired.


With this article I also want to emphasize the importance of using a condom. Because you might ask yourself: “Can sex still be fun with a condom?”.

Yes, of course it can! Using a condom isn’t a tool to measure the pleasure of intercourse at all. However, a lot of people still claim that sex isn’t as good with a condom because of the feeling of 'wearing a raincoat' down there.

To counter that, I wonder how the feeling of having HIV must feel, or having an STD, or getting pregnant by someone you don’t love enough, or you just not being ready to raise a child. There are absolutely no benefits to not using a condom, unless you see all the consequences above as benefits.


To get rid of that ‘raincoat rubber feeling’ I listed some tips & tricks to make sure a condom doesn’t ruin your happy times with your loved one, or whoever you want to have sex with.

Firstly it’s important to find a brand that you like, trial and error are the way to get there. The condom’s size is also pretty important; wearing a raincoat that’s too big or too small doesn’t feel good either, right?

Before you get to the fun part: it’s always handy to get out your condom first so you won’t have to look for it and interrupt everything. That makes it all a bit less awkward too. And use lubes, seriously, lubes are magic!

Did you know that a warm raincoat is always nicer than a cold one? Well it works exactly the same with condoms. Put it on, let it warm up a bit, do your thing. And if you still don’t like condoms, then use those super-thin condoms that feel like natural skin.

There you go, reasons enough to get wrapped up!


Have fun looking at these creative advertisements: 


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