From Pulling To Dumping Princes
Author: Manoesj Dom
Friday 27th of April 2018 12:40:55 PM
I’m feeling a little nostalgic today so I want to talk to you about the book that made me fall in love with reading. To answer your question: yes I am that girl who says 'The book was way better than the movie'. 
Before Fifty Shades Of Grey there was ‘Pulling Princes’ written by Tyne O’Connell. It tells the story about Calypso (an American girl) who has to go to a English boarding school. There she’s surrounded by the rich and famous daughters of international superstars and royalty. She becomes best friends with Star (seriously, what was Tyne thinking with these names). One thing leads to another and suddenly Calypso is all over the tabloids kissing prince Freddie. So there I was dreaming about kissing handsome British princes, wishing I would become a princess.
After Pulling Princes there was Stealing Princes, Duelling Princes and at the end Dumping Princes (yay, girl power!). I think I read the series about 4-5 times. I loved it so much!
Now that I’m older I’m really glad that I didn’t become a princess. Did you see what they did to poor Kate Middleton? Just a couple of hours after giving birth, she stood outside of the hospital (in heels!) looking all perfect. Dodged a bullet there.
I can’t wait until it’s summer, so I can sit in the sun reading a book. Maybe I’ll even grab Pulling Princes again.
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