The Zombie Apocalypse and HIV/AIDS
Author: Ninette Murk
Wednesday 27th of September 2017 07:44:02 PM

It all started out with a simple Google search on a peaceful Friday night. I began searching "most underrated TV Series 2016" as I was frustrated to find a new series that could get my mind off waiting for Game of Thrones. I was particularly curious about this one series and immediately began to watch it. It was called Z Nation. So here I am watching another human made depiction of how a zombie apocalypse turns the world into chaos. By the way, this is not an advertisement but a complex journey to how the human mind works in finding inspiration to write. 


As I was watching Z Nation and was slowly dragged into the fight between humanity and the undead, I discovered the that real fight was between hope and fear. It was hope to save humanity and fear for what seems to be a fatal end of the world. I began to dive in their imaginative world and asked myself, what would I do if I was stuck in that apocalyptic world. My brain automatically calculated dozens of survival strategy until I came to feel desperate as I realised, OMG that is not a world to raise children in. There goes my dream to have a happy family and grow old in a cute homey house while knitting socks and sweaters. 


Though the enemy might not be zombie, the world I am living in awakens a fear of hopelessness all the same. What will happen to the next generation? The youth that is the future of the human race. With the increaing onumber of HIV infections, is this a good environment to start a family? How can I sleep peacefully at night, knowing that there are things that are important to know that I choose to ignore? Will my children be OK? 


I read an article in that believed that an important step to eradicate HIV/AIDS starts with the family. It seems logical. We spent our youngest and most important years inside our family. We learn to socialise  through our family. Our first morals, values and principles are produced within the walls of our homes. How we act in the outside world somehow reflects how our family has taught us to be. The survivors of a zombie apocalypse also choose a pack and form a team that they call family. Those families shape how they react to problems that comes from being alive in a chaotic zombie world. In other words, our family, friends and our environment prepare us with ammunition to face the world. And in the world that we are living in, the best ammunition is knowledge. 


So, I preach to myself that I should not be scared to want to start a family. I, as a future parent, will provide them with all the necessary knowledge to survive not only the zombie apocalypse but also the fight against HIV/AIDS. The first step is to equip ourselves with the proper understanding of the issue. Do not teach our children to ignore, but to face reality. But most importantly, teach ourselves to acknowledge the issue that is in front of us. 


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My young-adult readers, the future starts with us. 

First published by Asia against AIDS-Back To Zero: Indonesia 

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