Shoe Designer Honors Moschino, Keith Haring, Leigh Bowery, Klaus Nomi, Patrick Kelly, Roy Halston, Antonio Lopez, Versace ...And Us!
Author: Ninette Murk
Sunday 9th of August 2015 09:04:52 PM

"Reflective design is all about message, about culture, and about the meaning of a product." Donald A. Norman (2004)

"My final collection for the BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Development at London College of Fashion is aiming to be charged with emotion both for me as an individual designer and for all potential viewers.

The subject chosen in order to do so is the time between the late 1970s and the early 1990s, when a generation of queer personalities redefined the fashion industry of Postmodernity. After decades of censorship and a “don’t ask don’t tell” attitude in every professional context a creative catharsis took place in most design capitals of the Western World.

The art, fashion, cinema, music... of this era and the gay men behind it have always been my greatest source of inspiration and by far my favourite topic to research and learn about. Unfortunately and very sadly they had the disgrace to live the outburst of AIDS without knowing how to prevent it, which put a lot of them in early graves and stole their genius minds from the rest of society. The purpose of this collection is to pay homage to them by creating women’s shoes inspired by their unique talent. The list of 8 personalities I focused on includes: Antonio López, Franco Moschino, Keith Haring, Patrick Kelly, Klaus Nomi, Leigh Bowery, Gianni Versace (who died of a shot in the head charged with AIDS meaning) and Roy Halston. The ninth shoe in the range is willing to be an allegory to what a night out with the eight of them would feel like: dazzling, over the top, magical.

These men, who unfortunately lived during a time when being infected was a very different story from today (at least in the West), never lost their passion and kept producing beauty even though they were given a devastating death sentence. Working with them I have learned to have that spirit: there will always be beauty to fight for. I humbly hope when someone from my generation may see this project they will spend a moment joining this celebration of the life and work of these men, as well as remember the importance of safe sex even during an exhilarating night out."
Written by young designer Guillem Turro Casanovas- you can see his entire wonderful collection here: 



This project has been developed uniquely for Academic purposes and the shoes are one of a kind. The merchandising plan presented with it to University of the Arts London explained that in the event it was commercialised it would be in collaboration with Designers Against Aids, who kindly replied to my queries and gave me permission to include their meaningful logotype in the presentation. I can not express how thankful I am for their support.

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