Meet Mariah: The First Muslim Model To Star In A Mainstream Fashion Campaign
Author: Ninette Murk
Tuesday 13th of October 2015 06:02:50 PM

Have you seen the latest video of H&M yet?

Featuring Mariah Idrissi, the first hijab-wearing model in a global fashion campaign, it has caused tons of sensation and dispute and this tells a lot about our today’s society when it comes to diversity and accepting every kind of beauty.

Mariah is standing at a doorway wearing high-waisted palazzo trousers with a cream white blouse, a dust pink coat and a checkered hijab, spouting with calm power. A beautiful image of a reassured chic Muslim woman, an image that we don’t often see being promoted in the media.

Mariah who grew up in London, even plans to start her own modeling agency so that she can bring more Muslim girls into the fashion industry, but as she carefully adds “we can adjust hijab to fashion, hijab isn’t the fashion”.

So yay for diversity and yay for recycling clothes as well, as this campaign was made to promote the new sustainable fashion line of H&M!
Story by Elena Bounty, photo courtesy of H&M 

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