Brunei's sultan has extended a moratorium on the death penalty to new laws prohibiting gay sex and adultery after a global backlash against the punishments. 
Dear friends and supporters of Designers against AIDS- we'd love for you to send us news from your country regarding LGBT rights, Pride events, gay marriage, cool campaigns, HIV testing places and other subjects that might be of interest to our target audience: 
We're very proud of our book 'Designers against AIDS-The First Decade' and think it's the perfect present for someone you love. 

Google is launching a worldwide campaign to promote LGBT acceptance.
Dubbed “Legalise Love,” the campaign will focus on countries and regions that have laws criminalizing same-sex relationships and/or homophobic cultures. 
Following his sweeping victory last October, Tanzanian president John Magufuli has become an international hero due to the cost-cutting measures that he introduced across the country. 
Update: the crowdfunding project succeeded! 
For the 5th consecutive year Belgian fashion retailer JBC presents a collection aimed at young people, which launches just before World AIDS Day, accompanied by a safe sex social media campaign created and implemented by Designers against AIDS. 
Earlier this week MAC Cosmetics announced the latest local ambassador for their Viva Glam lip products. 
Have you seen the latest video of H&M yet?
Featuring Mariah Idrissi, the first hijab-wearing model in a global fashion campaign, it has caused tons of sensation and dispute and this tells a lot about our today’s society when it comes to diversity and accepting every kind of beauty.
Mariah is standing at a doorway wearing high-waisted palazzo trousers with a cream white blouse, a dust pink coat and a checkered hijab, spouting with calm power. 
Bali is the island of the Gods, famous for its beautiful beaches and also famous for its beautiful wedding places. 
Fashion and campaign: 2 words that make for an interesting pair, especially in the case of this new campaign for Acne Studios.
In the campaign, Frasse Johansson -the 11-year-old son of Acne's Creative Director Jonny- shows us that boys are no longer afraid to wear heels and waist-enhancing pink coats. 
We LOVE this: Swedish brand & Other Stories invited Valentijn, Hari, Amos, Love and Nina -five transgender creatives- to tell a story that challenges the traditional notion of beauty and identity in fashion.
As stylist Love Bailey sums up: 
We have many reasons to like US president Barack Obama (Medicare, marriage equality...) and he just gave us one more, during his trip in Kenya, when he said during a speech that in his opinion, homophobia is a form of racism too. 
We love good news, especially in the fight against AIDS. 
There are five Muslim countries where being gay is not a crime. 
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Friday that it is legal for all Americans, no matter their gender or sexual orientation, to marry the people they love.
The decision is a historic victory for gay rights activists who have fought for years in the lower courts. 
It was already known that Bruce Jenner was transgender and wanted to become a woman. 
In a new video, ‘The Face of HIV/AIDS: 

Starting today Designers against Aids is active on the website ‘Fabusco’. 
Cécile De Jaegher was trained at the Antwerp Fashion Academy and is now specilized in delicious leather pochettes and cluthes embossed with cool slogans. 
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