Extreme Sex Ed
Author: Manoesj Dom
Wednesday 23rd of May 2018 05:11:03 PM

A week ago I went to a bar with one of my friends. We met in kindergarten so when we get together we talk a lot about ‘the good old days’. We’re 22 year old grandmas basically. After some drinks the topic ‘sex education’ came up and let me tell you: to this day, we’re still traumatized.

Let me set the scene. So we’re in a dark classroom nervous as hell, about to watch a movie about sex ed.

It all started okay, the movie explained your body was going to change bla bla bla, no traumas here. BUT THEN (trauma number 1) they show you this little girl that just got her period, but she doesn’t know how to put a tampon in. So her big sister casually walks in, inserts the tampon in the little girl and goes away. Oh my god, we were shook to the core. Genuine question: does that really happen?? I don’t have any sisters, please let me know.

So we were barely recovered from trauma number 1 when trauma 2 came up  - literally. The movie showed a couple who were about to have sex. The woman took off her underwear, I had never seen that much hair in my life. You could get lost in there. Honey, even Tarzan couldn’t tame that jungle.

As if that wasn’t enough already the sex scene started. Let me tell you: we were NOT prepared. The penis was big, no that’s not a good word for it.. It was colossal, gigantic, humongous, okay I think you get the picture let’s move on. The movie showed everything. My friend and I then looked each other in the eye, knowing life will never be the same again.

All the drama aside, we can laugh about it now and we turned out fine (I think?).

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