1st of June 2018
Guilty pleasures, everyone has them. They can go from cheat meals to liking weird artists. A guilty pleasure is something you enjoy that induces a minor feeling of guilt. Let me tell you about mine.- My all-time favourite guilty pleasure is watching Dr. Sandra Lee aka Dr. Pimple Popper. She’s a board-certified dermatologist. In 2015 Dr. Lee decided to create an Instagram account to give people a window into her world as a dermatologist. She discovered that there was a massive subculture online of people who loved watching her popping videos (hello, it’s me). - I’m certainly not the only one who adores her videos. Today Dr. Pimple Popper has thousands of videos on her website and social media. She’s active on other channels like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat too. Her YouTube-channel has over 3.1 million subscribers, 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 2 million fans on Facebook. How crazy is that? - There’s even a term for people like me, Dr. Pimple Popper likes to call her fans ‘Popaholics’. A lot of my friends are grossed out when I show them the videos, but I just can’t help it. I’m addicted to watching Dr. Pimple Popper and I'm proud! - If you’re a Popaholic like me, you can check her out on Instagram @drpimplepopper . Enjoy!
23rd of May 2018
A week ago I went to a bar with one of my friends. We met in kindergarten so when we get together we talk a lot about ‘the good old days’. We’re 22 year old grandmas basically. After some drinks the topic ‘sex education’ came up and let me tell you: to this day, we’re still traumatized.- Let me set the scene. So we’re in a dark classroom nervous as hell, about to watch a movie about sex ed. It all started okay, the movie explained your body was going to change bla bla bla, no traumas here. BUT THEN (trauma number 1) they show you this little girl that just got her period, but she doesn’t know how to put a tampon in. So her big sister casually walks in, inserts the tampon in the little girl and goes away. Oh my god, we were shook to the core. Genuine question: does that really happen?? I don’t have any sisters, please let me know.- So we were barely recovered from trauma number 1 when trauma 2 came up  - literally. The movie showed a couple who were about to have sex. The woman took off her underwear, I had never seen that much hair in my life. You could get lost in there. Honey, even Tarzan couldn’t tame that jungle.- As if that wasn’t enough already the sex scene started. Let me tell you: we were NOT prepared. The penis was big, no that’s not a good word for it.. It was colossal, gigantic, humongous, okay I think you get the picture let’s move on. The movie showed everything. My friend and I then looked each other in the eye, knowing life will never be the same again.- All the drama aside, we can laugh about it now and we turned out fine (I think?).
16th of May 2018
I never really heard about a bucket list until I saw the movie ‘The Bucket List’, which is really good by the way! So let me put together my personal bucket list. - 1. Fill bucket with wine2. Drink it -Just kidding, here’s the real deal: I want to see the northern lights. The thought of laying under the green, blue and purple colours seems so magical Learn a new language and actually use it: Spanish, Italian or Greek Go skydiving or bungee jumping Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans Live by the ocean Get a tattoo (sorry mom and dad) Attend the Holi (Festival of Colours) in India Throw a drink in someone’s face (it seems so cool in movies!) Have a family Adopt a puppy Join the mile high club Live in a mansion/town house Experience weightlessness (no gravity), how could would that be?! Skinny dip Swim like a mermaid (I’m obsessed with ‘The Little Mermaid’ okay?) Feel completely free Go to the airport and take a random flight Discover the lost city of Atlantis (can your bucket list contain impossible things?) Hug a baby elephant- So this is a short version of my bucket list. Did you already do some of the things I listed above?
9th of May 2018
  Everyone that knows me knows that I’m obsessed with Rupaul's Drag Race. If you don’t know the show, let me just say this: you’re missing out big time!- RuPaul's Drag Race is an American reality competition television series. The series shows RuPaul in the search for "America's next drag superstar. RuPaul plays the role of host, mentor, and head judge The show employs a panel of judges, including RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Carson Kressley, and a host of other guest judges, who critique contestants' progress throughout the competition.- By watching this show, it’s like I learned a whole new language. So just for fun let me translate some of the things the queens say!- - Spilling the T(ea): telling the truth - No T no shade: no disrespect but… - All T all shade: it’s true so I don’t care if it offends you or not - Tucking: putting one's penis between and behind one's legs, so that it's not visible from the front of the body. Some people push their testicles back as well, while others move them upward and rest them on the lower part of their abdomen before securing them in place. - Beating your face: applying your make-up perfectly - A butch queen: a masculine looking queen - To look fish(y): to look very feminine - Ki Ki: drag queens talking to each other - Kai Kai: sex between drag queens - A mug: a face - To read someone: to expose someone’s flaws in a smart, witty way- So let me just say to all my squirrel friends out there. I hope your mug is always beat for the Gods and hopefully you’ll never get read to filth.  
4th of May 2018
In a Heartbeat is a computer-animated short film. It came out in 2017 and I love it so much. The film tells the story of a little boy (Sherwin) who has a crush on another boy (Jonathan).-You can see that Sherwin is really nervous and shy, but his heart isn't! During the video you see Sherwin's heart going crazy when it sees Jonathan.- I'm really happy that people are creating things like this. LGBTQ+ people are still underrepresented in today's media, so this short film is a step in the good direction. The film received many awards and has been shown at numerous LGBTQ events and film festivals - and I'm going to tell you why it made me cry.- - First of all, I cry with almost every animated movie, so maybe it's just me. - How cute is Sherwin's heart? The big eyes, the enthusiastic gestures. How can you not love it?- So when Sherwin's heart ripped in two, mine kind of did too.- The sad music doesn't quite help either.- Jonathan coming outside to comfort Sherwin is super sweet.- You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2REkk9SCRn0  
2nd of May 2018
  Pamela Anderson, sex symbol and former Baywatch bombshell, paired up with rabbi Shmuley Boteach to write a book about intimacy in the era of hook-up apps. The book is called ‘Lust For Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship’, quite a mouth full. No pun intended.-According to Anderson and Boteach, meaningful, passionate desire and sex are dying. We are overwhelmed with sex, even a bit obsessed with it in our culture, but clueless about it. This results in high divorce rates, degradation of sexuality through pornography and in tasteless displays of empty erotica. - The duo wrote the book to encourage us to get off our smartphones and start paying attention to the people around us. Especially our partners. Lust for Love embraces the idea that lust is what we most need in our relationship. The book is written in conversation form. The two authors offer tips on how to keep the fire alive in your relationship. They suggest meeting up in the middle of the day in a hotel to have sex, with your partner of course. Bringing sex toys should help and touching each other under the dinner table at group gatherings is always a good idea.- Anderson is a firm believer in monogamy, even though polyamory is becoming more popular in today’s dating world. She says:-  “Mental fidelity is a challenge, but worth it. I make sure to clear my phone and social media of temptation. I’m human after all and love is respect. I only have eyes for my lover and I’d rather peel back layers and be brave, vulnerable and have great sex with someone I trust and love. Not just mediocre sexual situations in loveless encounters. It’s too easy. I’m stronger than this and I demand more.”  
30th of April 2018
I was really unsure if I was able to write this blog. My heart is beating really fast, but here it is. Today it’s exactly 9 years ago that I lost one of my best friends. Not in a ‘we don’t talk anymore’ kind of losing, the real losing.- I thought that it would get easier after a couple of years, turns out it doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, you learn how to cope with it but (for me) it doesn’t really get any easier. Sometimes it still hurts as much as 9 years ago.- It’s really hard to decide what to write. I want my words to be perfect, even though I know that’s not possible. Let me try anyway:- I’m really trying not to write a depressing blog post. I just wanted to take some time and think of you. I’m glad I have some really beautiful memories of you. It’s a shame that these memories are sometimes almost overpowering. The fact that I’m starting to forget your face, the sound of your voice and your laugh physically hurts me. There are so many things that I would like to say to you, but I’m not sure how to do it. So I’m going to keep it short: thank you for being my friend. Thank you for all the jokes, the hugs and the late night talks. I’m sorry I couldn’t take your pain away.- I love you and I miss you, a lot.
27th of April 2018
I’m feeling a little nostalgic today so I want to talk to you about the book that made me fall in love with reading. To answer your question: yes I am that girl who says 'The book was way better than the movie'. - Before Fifty Shades Of Grey there was ‘Pulling Princes’ written by Tyne O’Connell. It tells the story about Calypso (an American girl) who has to go to a English boarding school. There she’s surrounded by the rich and famous daughters of international superstars and royalty. She becomes best friends with Star (seriously, what was Tyne thinking with these names). One thing leads to another and suddenly Calypso is all over the tabloids kissing prince Freddie. So there I was dreaming about kissing handsome British princes, wishing I would become a princess.- After Pulling Princes there was Stealing Princes, Duelling Princes and at the end Dumping Princes (yay, girl power!). I think I read the series about 4-5 times. I loved it so much! - Now that I’m older I’m really glad that I didn’t become a princess. Did you see what they did to poor Kate Middleton? Just a couple of hours after giving birth, she stood outside of the hospital (in heels!) looking all perfect. Dodged a bullet there. - I can’t wait until it’s summer, so I can sit in the sun reading a book. Maybe I’ll even grab Pulling Princes again.
24th of April 2018
Recently I read this article about a man who claimed painkillers turned him gay. Yes you read that right. A grown man, claimed that pills made him homosexual. 23 year old Scott Purdy started taking painkiller Pregabalin after he got into a go-karting accident. Purdy claims that after taking these pills, he stopped feeling sexually attracted to women. He even broke up with his girlfriend, who he had been dating for 6 months. After taking the painkillers he started to feel sexually attracted to men (or so he says).- "I noticed my libido for women had gone and I was wanting male attention. I was with a girlfriend I had been with for around six months.- I had never been interested in men. When I was younger I was a little bit curious but a couple of weeks after I started taking it I turned around and said I didn't find her physically attractive anymore. She knew I was taking Pregabalin."- He also adds:- "I'm very happy. I want to keep on taking it because it makes me feel happy about my sexuality. It's made me feel very open. It's liberating. Pregabalin is also used to control paranoia and anxiety. It's made me so open and not bothered what people think or say. I had been taking it for a few weeks and I have come to the realisation that when I take it I want males."- It's so weird to me, realising that people can still think homosexuality is not ‘normal'. In what world could homosexuality be triggered by medication? Purdy could just have said ‘I'm bisexual' without this weird story behind it.-The thought that sexuality can be changed manually is so prehistoric and really hurtful.    
23rd of April 2018
It's Monday: time for a little (funny) story time. I will tell you why the show ‘I didn't know I was pregnant' scarred me for life. ‘I didn't know I was pregnant' is an American documentary television series. It showcased real-life situations in which mothers gave birth to ‘surprise' babies. It debuted in 2009, so keep in mind I was around 14 - 15 years old when I saw this. Each episode featured 2-3 women who were unaware that they were pregnant, until they went into labor.- Here are some of the reasons why women didn't recognize their pregnancy:- Mistaking their symptoms for illness- Thinking they weren't able to get pregnant- Not having traditional symptoms- Pregnancy tests that came out negative- Assuming birth control is 100% effective- This one episode featured a woman who (obviously) didn't know she was pregnant. She had a stomach ache and went to the toilet AND SHE GAVE BIRTH ON THE TOILET. So imagine poor little virgin me being afraid to go to the toilet. I was terrified! The women always named their baby's in the style of Miracle or Hope. My baby's name would probably be: Dear God What Is Going On?!- So when I started having sex the fear of getting pregnant got bigger, even though I was on birth control and used a condom every time. Thank god my (irrational) fear of getting pregnant reduced over the years, but when my stomach hurts a bit for no reason, I still get a little anxious.  
20th of April 2018
Hurricane Bianca is an independent comedy and LGBT film. The leading role is played by Roy Haylock, also known as Bianca Del Rio. Roy is an American costumer and drag queen, he also won the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Bianca Del Rio is one of my favorite drag queens by the way! If you don’t know the movie, you can watch the trailer here (it’s also on Netlfix): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0a72wkqlqU&t=2s   Let me tell you a bit about the story. A school teacher named Richard moves from New York City to a small town in Texas. After Richard outs himself he is fired from his job. To take revenge Richard returns to the school as Bianca Del Rio and all hell breaks lose. Now Roy is coming out with the sequel ‘Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia With Hate’. You can watch the trailer here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b7TgHtFduk      I can’t wait to watch it!
18th of April 2018
Let's talk about you and me, let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be ♪ ♪I'm sorry, I'll get to the point of my blog.-I decided to look up the first things that pop into google when you type in ‘is sex'.-The first thing that comes up is: is sexting punishable? According to the European regulations, sexting can be seen as an element of sexual discovery within the development of young people. Consent is the crucial element here! Posting the material online however is considered child porn and therefore a criminal offense.Is sex good for you: hell yes!Is sex a sin: hell no! (my love for puns grows every day 😉)Is sex good for your health: people who have sex receive a boost to their immune system. Just don't forget to be safe.Is sex before marriage a sin: no (even though religion sometimes thinks otherwise).Is sex during pregnancy safe: yes! If you want to read more about this subject you can read ‘Sex With A Bun In The Oven' on our website.Is sex necessary: no, you can do what you feel is right.Is sex important: again, you can do what you feel is right.Is sex addiction real: yes. According to Wikipedia a sex addiction is a state characterized by compulsive participation or engagement in sexual activity.
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