You’re Born Naked And The Rest Is Drag
Author: Manoesj Dom
Wednesday 9th of May 2018 04:36:18 PM


Everyone that knows me knows that I’m obsessed with Rupaul's Drag Race. If you don’t know the show, let me just say this: you’re missing out big time!

RuPaul's Drag Race is an American reality competition television series. The series shows RuPaul in the search for "America's next drag superstar. RuPaul plays the role of host, mentor, and head judge The show employs a panel of judges, including RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Carson Kressley, and a host of other guest judges, who critique contestants' progress throughout the competition.

By watching this show, it’s like I learned a whole new language. So just for fun let me translate some of the things the queens say!

- Spilling the T(ea): telling the truth

- No T no shade: no disrespect but…

- All T all shade: it’s true so I don’t care if it offends you or not

- Tucking: putting one's penis between and behind one's legs, so that it's not visible from the front of the body. Some people push their testicles back as well, while others move them upward and rest them on the lower part of their abdomen before securing them in place.

- Beating your face: applying your make-up perfectly

- A butch queen: a masculine looking queen

- To look fish(y): to look very feminine

- Ki Ki: drag queens talking to each other

- Kai Kai: sex between drag queens

- A mug: a face

- To read someone: to expose someone’s flaws in a smart, witty way

So let me just say to all my squirrel friends out there. I hope your mug is always beat for the Gods and hopefully you’ll never get read to filth.


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