Letter To My 16 Year Old Self
Author: Manoesj Dom
Tuesday 17th of April 2018 02:37:14 PM

Hi Manoesj

Okay this is a bit weird, how do I even start? It's me, 22 year old Manoesj. I'm writing this from the backyard of my internship at Designers Against AIDS. I'm almost finished with my degree in Commercial Communication, so we will probably go into the world of advertising. Something we've always wanted. Great start, isn't it?

Well first of all, dump him, girl. He's not worth it. Glad we got that out of the way, now let's move on. Seriously, you have to chill out at school, everything will be just fine (except for math, I still suck...) Keep reading English books, it will help you at your internship 😉 (don't read Lolita: you won't like it.)

Remember that girl from dance class that you don't really like? You'll be best friends in about 4 months. In 5 years you'll even be the godmother of her son, crazy, right?

You'll start with studying ‘Speech Therapy' and you will fail big time, which is fine. You'll gain a group of really good friends.
Stop taking bullsh*t from other people. 22 year old me started doing that: best decision of my life.

You'll travel to some great places, enjoy every second of it! Don't hesitate to study abroad, it will be the best experience of your life. Don't be afraid that you can't do it, because you can! You'll meet so many great people and you will get to know yourself better.

So that's about all I wanted to say. Oh and delete your Netlog page, those mirror selfies aren't cute.


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