Antwerp Diner
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 17th of October 2011 07:56:11 PM

On november 27 the 2011 edition of Antwerp Diner takes place at Stuurboord and it promises to be bigger & better than ever before, with master chefs from well-known restaurants creating wonderful dishes, artists giving the best of themselves and the Antwerp Diner team trying to raise as much funds as possible for three charities: Sensoa, The Instituut for Tropical Medicine and Tomorrow4Isibani.

By organizing Antwerp Diner each year close to World AIDS Day, the organizers aim to keep the subject of HIV and AIDS firmly in the media as well and we applaud them for that. Antwerp Diner 2011 has completely sold out, but you make a donation on their website -and can already start to save up for next year!

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