Book Clubbing In New York
Author: Maria Tasula
Tuesday 18th of November 2014 05:54:15 PM

Readers are leaders and book clubs are making a comeback. One I would love to visit is hosted by Visual AIDS in New York who have a cool new publication series called DUETS for dialogue of art and AIDS. The upcoming book club evening takes place on Thursday 20 November for the first volume of DUETS: Stephen Andrews & Gregg Bordowitz in conversation. It discusses such themes as long-term survival with AIDS, mentorship and activism. "There's no way anybody could tell me that activism doesn't work. It's funny when I talk to students, and they throw their hands up and say that going to a demonstration doesn't make a difference. I say phooey. You have to change that way of thinking and be less impatient." says artist Stephen Andrews in the book. He is one of the artists part of Visual Aids, an organization that assists HIV positive artists and catalogs their work for future. Andrews' collages and paintings (Untitled (Study for Spectacle), 2013 pictured) are amazing and it's worth to discover more here. The DUETS volumes are available over at Printed Matter (a great place for the nicest publications around), Bureau of General Services Queer Division and Visual Aids website where you can read more information about the event. Happy clubbing!

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