Dutch fashion fundraiser to support DAA
Author: Brigitte Stilma
Monday 21st of May 2012 08:55:25 PM

Today Katharina, a hotel management student from The Hague in the Netherlands, visited the IHAEC. 

We will work together with her and many other hotel school students to organize a fundraiser in Holland next June and Katharina is on the management team of the project.
At this fundraiser there will be a dinner, a fashion show and an auction as well as musical performances. DAA T-shirts will be shown during the fashion show and they can be bought afterwards by the public. These beautiful T-shirts with a message will be styled together with pieces from young Dutch fashion designers. Next to that, guests will also be able to purchase DAA condoms and pins and handmade leather condom pouches by Delvaux. During the auction several items will be sold that designers and artists donated to DAA. All the proceeds of the sales will go to the DAA education center IHAEC. There will also be celebrities present to lend their support to the cause. Tickets for this event will be sold online, so keep track of our website for more details about the event if you'd like to be part of it!
We already had fun by showing Katharina our Pop-Up Store in the City Hall on Antwerp's Grote Markt and selecting fashion items for the event.

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