Are you creative and do you also want to use your talent for social good? Then this competition might be just what you need: 
Designers against AIDS (DAA) is organizing an exciting project where fashion designers and students make a new outfit from second hand clothes. 
‘Greater Than AIDS’ is a leading public information response focused on the U.S domestics HIV/AIDS epidemic, in particular communities and people most affected. 
“When I walked into the room, the first thing I noticed was that these people didn’t look like me,” says Chelsea White, recalling her first group session with other HIV-positive patients. 
Please join our new campaign and share your on all your social media channels! 
There has always been an established mythos in the bedroom that, simply because male orgasms have sadly long been prioritized over females ones, every man finds every intercourse session that takes place utterly ecstatic. 
June 27) was National HIV Testing Day in the US and we're very happy and proud that our friend and supporter Shiloh Fernandez is now starring in one of the ads of the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. 
'Greater Than AIDS' is back with another amazing Youtube series- and it’s all about preventing HIV. 
As China becomes increasingly connected, LGBT organizations are turning to the Web to combat misinformation on HIV/AIDS. least, that's what lawmakers in the Indonesian Province of Bengkulu seem to think, if we are to believe this article in the Jakarta Globe: 
Immigrants from Africa present their intimate HIV life stories through using their own bodies in making art that matters. 
Rapper Easy E, part of the group NWA and to be seen in the new movie 'Straight Out Of Compton', passed away from AIDS in 1995. 

Education can be big fun sometimes, especially when it comes to unusual facts about sex. 
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The International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) is DAA's training center in Antwerp, Belgium. IHEAC hosts international students, teaching them how to set up successful HIV prevention and awareness programs, using the same pop culture based methods as used by DAA. The students take this knowledge home, to build up equally successful campaigns in their countries of origin.



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