Taking Condoms To The Next Level
Author: Indra Moonen
Thursday 21st of March 2013 05:18:12 PM


The condom has been by our side for many years, after all it's the oldest medical device that ever existed. During this time it has been protecting us from HIV and many other diseases. But even though using a condom is so important, a lot of people ignore this wonderful latex tool.  That’s why scientists are looking for solutions to make the use of condoms more attractive. The ideal goal would be to create a condom that will make having sex more pleasant while wearing one than NOT using a condom, as that way, every man would want to use one.

It’s a tough job coming up with the perfect idea to improve condoms, but researchers are already doing their very best. For example there is the origami condom that would increase sexual pleasure. But there’s still a long way to go to actually create a condom that men would love to wear and that’s why researchers are asking people to think about what the perfect condom could be like. Maybe you came up with a great idea while reading this*? If you did, or if you come up with something in the future, you can send your ideas here: http://www.grandchallenges.org/Explorations/Pages/ApplicationInstructions.aspx

Read more about this subject here: http://www.impatientoptimists.org/Posts/2013/03/Reinventing-The-Condom


* One tip already from our founder and creative director Ninette: get rid of that horrible rubber smell- only rubber fetishists get off on that!

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