One of our sponsors is Carobati, who sell tiles in all shapes, colours and forms and who invited us to compose a special DAA ‘Mosaique’ consisting of Mediterranean inspired shades of blue and green, shot with flecks of copper and silver. 
Ninette Murk, the founder and director of DAA, is in Phuket, Thailand visiting an interesting and inspirational project called the ‘Life Home Project'. 

The people from Carobati are sponsoring the tiles in our new Education Center.

For more information on Carobati click HERE.


Antwerp Pride is a city-wide gay & lesbian event.

This is a brave new world of professional networking where global fashion comes together.

These companies and organisations saw a great opportunity and have all helped -or are still helping- DAA in any way possible.

Because of them, we have accomplished many great things - and will hopefully achieve many more in the future.

Thank you for your support on behalf of the entire DAA team!



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