AIDS Vancouver is an organization founded in 1983 in response to the emergence of the AIDS epidemic. 
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has recently got into the fight against the prejudice on using condoms: 
I discovered buzzfeed yesterday. - I know, it's already ‘old news' but for me it was a excited discovery! 
Since the Gay Pride is going around, Grindr ( an all-male location-based social network) released the ‘ten commandments of the Pride’. 
Hi everybody! Check out this extremely interesting video challenge promoted by Global Dialogues. 
The situation clean-up-the-house-before-HE-comes is something almost everyone experienced at least once in his/her life. 

Watching these straight people react to questions that gay people have been asked forever is pretty delightful. 
Today I want to talk about Youth LEAD, a network of young people that is now working on HIV awareness in 17 countries of the Asian Pacific Area. 

Maybe I will shock you by saying that this beautiful girl on a photo is not actually a girl. 
In many countries throughout the world the belief in witches and black magic is common and considered as part of everyday life. 

The condom has been by our side for many years, after all it's the oldest medical device that ever existed. 

I am writing a blog entry with a pencil that Elias bought me as a present for the end of his intership at DAA. 
Let's talk about puppets, again. 
Looking for a blog entry is not always so easy, also because, I don't know why, the most interesting things I find are usually about LGBT issues. 

To mark this year's World AIDS Day, the international HIV/AIDS charity organization AVERT hopes to further spread HIV/AIDS information, awareness and support via the personal experiences and/or viewpoints of people --worldwide-- touched by the illness in some way. 
LoszuGhana is an organization that favours educational experience in Ghana for youngsters from all over the world. 
Courage, Trust, Hope. You can read these three words on the homepage of the Body & Soul organization’s website. 

Today Frankie Devuyst came by the workplace, a very interesting man who has a lot of ambitions, goals and great ideas. is an interesting Italian gay website that has many functions: 
From now on DAA has officially partnered with 'Deutsche AIDS Hilfe' (German AIDS Aid), which is the oldest organization in Germany dealing with the HIV/AIDS issue. 
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